Our Vision

The idea started between two friends, Tommy and Mike who golf and brew beer together a lot.  While sitting in their favorite 19th hole trading stories, they decided that the term Swing Oil should not only be the consumption of beer to improve performance on the golf course (i.e. to cure common golfing errors - slicing, hooking, whiffing, etc) but also the name of an American craft beer brand to be enjoyed in sports bars, restaurants, on the golf course, and in the 19th hole. From that day, Swing Oil Beer Company was born, and is committed to serving the most desired line up of craft beers to every golfer, sports fan, and craft beer enthusiast.

Play like your name's on the bag!

Swing Oil Beer Company is dedicated to improving the game of golf by pushing the boundaries of brewing through fearlessness and innovation. Our goal is to create flavorful craft beers to be enjoyed by golf, sports, and craft beer fans everywhere.

About Us

Swing Oil Beer Company