Swing Oil Beer Company is dedicated to improving the mental game of golf by pushing the boundaries of brewing through fearlessness and innovation. Our goal is to create flavorful craft beers to be enjoyed by golf fans everywhere. Swing Oil Ale is an American Craft Beer that is very drinkable, perfect for a day on the golf course.

Swing Oil Ale will appeal to golf enthusiasts who also have a passion for great tasting beer. They take their golf and the things associated with golf seriously. Much like amateur golf swing, Swing Oil Beer Company used traditional and non-traditional ingredients to produce a unique twist on an Ale. With it's golden color, citrus notes, a hint of hops, and smooth clean finish, it’s for certain that Swing Oil Ale will be the perfect compliment to the golf game we all desire. The mental game for the world’s best golfers often determines their success, for the rest of us, the mental game begins with Swing Oil Ale. Sit back and relax with friends and family and enjoy the best life has to offer.  Love golf, live life...


Swing Oil Ale is available throughout the Pioneer Valley.  We're adding new locations all the time so be sure to check the find us page for a retail location near you!
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